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Woven Willow Edging Quickly Adapt, Go With The Flow
Jun 22, 2017

Woven Willow Edging Before the departure of the ancients, send people who will be sent to the intersection of pedestrians, and to be folded to send. The so-called "broken branches" is to take the roadside branches of flowers or something, and sent to the pedestrian, although it is readily, but "ceremony light love heavy", meaning profound.

In the spring farewell, the most popular is "broken willow". "Folded willow" is the ancient society of life one of the most customary customs, how this custom is produced? Some people from the "Liu" homophonic "stay" on the analysis, that "folding Liu" is to retain the meaning. In fact, this argument is defective, if the home is not here, or do not return to the farewell, can be understood as to stay in the other side to stay more days, but if the other side of the return, so the analysis of the contradiction.

"Folding Liu farewell" the formation of customs, and the season itself and Liu have a relationship. Willow is one of China's ancient tree species, vitality is very strong, soil is living, is the ancient tree trees one of the main tree, roadside riverside can see the willow. The ancients farewell friends and relatives, from the roadside vitality of the willow on the fold of a wicker, that is, hope that people can travel like a willow, and soon adapt, go with the flow.

And the farewell service of the ancients also have a close relationship. The best wishes of friends and relatives are "all the way to peace", but the road is dangerous,Woven Willow Edging  will inevitably encounter trouble, the ancients think this is evil intrusion, road ghosts, how evil evil spirits? The easiest way is to bring evil spirits. Peach branches, willow branches and so on in the eyes of the ancients are exorcism function, the Southern and Northern Dynasties have been inserted Liu evil customs. North Wei Jia Si Xie "Qi Min surgery to kind of Liu" cited "surgery" said: "is the moon, take the willow of the family, the ghost is not home." So, farewell when the meaning of folding Liu is very clear, Peace on the road. By the way, folding peach branches are not used for adult travel alone, and for children with travel, the ancients superstition "Gui peach also", that peach branches of the child's protection function than the willow.

Fine study "fold Liu farewell," the earliest source,Woven Willow Edging  perhaps in the pre-Qin. Pre-Qin Wei Liu has travel with the literature has been associated with, was given a feeling. "Book of Poetry Xiaoya" in a "mining Wei" poem said: "I went to carry on, willow Yiyi, I come to think, rain and snow started falling.

"Ba Liu farewell" popular in the Han Dynasty, recorded in the Han Dynasty capital Chang'an and Kei area geographical conditions of the ancient books, "three auxiliary yellow map" records: "Baqiao in the east of Chang'an, cross the river for the bridge, the Chinese people to this bridge, "Because of the general sent to Baqiao break up, its love of its scene is often Jiachangduo broken, so" Kaiyuan Tianbao legacy "in such a saying:" Changan Dongba Ling has a bridge, to greet to send, are to this bridge ,Woven Willow Edging For the parting of the land of the people call the 'ecstasy bridge'.

Northern and Southern Dynasties, "broken willow" has been popular around the country, the South and the North have appeared to "fold willow" as the title of poetry. Such as the Southern Dynasties, Liang Jianwen Emperor Xiao Gang has "folded willow": "Yang Liu chaos into the silk, climbing the spring ... ..." In the North, there are "folded willow song" (one): "look at Mengjin River, Yang Liu Yu whirling……"

Sui and Tang Dynasties, "Liu Liu Xiang sent" has become the ancient Chinese scholars donated other common phenomenon. Which has an author unknown "farewell poem" wrote: "Yang Liuqingqing ground down, Yang flowers diffuse sky fly. Wicker folded flowers to fly, by asking pedestrians do not return?"

Because the discount Liu Xiang sent to the popular, in the year to bid farewell to the most concentrated Baqiao, near the willow are readily refraction. Because it can not be folded into the long willow,Woven Willow Edging  the Tang poet Meng Jiao "cross blow song off the willow" poem had to explain: "Mo Yan short branches, there are long Acacia." To this end, Bai Juyi "Yang Liuzhi eight" (its Seven) called: "trees can not help but climbing bitter, beggars to take two or three."