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Woven Willow Edging Protection And Research Is Very Important
May 24, 2017

Woven Willow Edging Wicker as a living material, for a long time have been used to build daily necessities, bags are part of daily necessities, this collision is also normal. Just the original classic leather design bag, with a common to no longer be able to complete the material, it is still luxury? of course! But also luxury - material is only part of the product, its superior technology and brand value is the most important. And in the two of the blessing, the product material can usually be guaranteed, they are closely related.

Mongolian wicker weaving technology has a long history, according to historical records, grassland nomadic Woven Willow Edging   have been 2000 years of history, Hunshandake desert desert desert type because of the unique climate suitable for weir, yellow willow, , Dry willow and other tree species growth, so that the region has a wealth of wicker resources. The Mongolian nomadic people in the hinterland of Hunshandake Desert have created a unique Mongolian wicker weaving craft through long-term production and life. Wicker in the Mongolian nomadic life in the use is quite wide, wicker flexible, and can be produced according to the actual needs of the production of life related to the willow products.

   Wicker weaving techniques include: Willow House, Leyer car hoarding, canopy, livestock shed, labor tools, drinking utensils, molds, handicrafts and so on. Willow houses are round, there are four square type, generally do simple room use, such as warehouses, kitchen, etc., the main feature is durable, convenient, easy disassembly, especially suitable for nomadic life. Livestock shed is mainly used in the royal family, is the Mongolian nomadic construction of the main building materials, production is simple, arbitrary strong, give full play to their imagination, the layout can be adjusted at any time. Work tools like baskets, such as Alga, etc., suitable for local environment, light labor tools. Meals have plates, jars and so on. Crafts include flower baskets, vases, root carvings and so on.

    Wicker compilation is an inseparable part of Mongolian culture, is the crystallization of the nomadic wisdom, is a family of nomadic life and life of the vivid show, Woven Willow Edging   reflect the time of human production and lifestyle and other aspects of the situation. Liubian art is the common crystallization of the diligence and wisdom of the broad masses of the people.We continue to create and learn from each other in the process of weaving skills, with their hands gradually rich and formed a unique Liubian skills, from generation to generation. The protection and research of wicker weaving techniques have important historical and anthropological values.