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Willow Products
Dec 27, 2016

Willow products are widely circulated folk handicrafts, "woven baskets, weaving baskets, every", this is because the processes a wide range of sources of raw materials, main raw materials are used for knitting basket woven baskets in the North willow branches, Sang Tiao, tamarix, and vitex negundo and amorpha fruticosa, variety, in saline-alkali land and swamps has produced.

Willow products of type range, in domestic aspects has seats, and basket, and basket, and dustpan, and a bushel, and wicker box, and shallow basket, and basket, and strainer, and food disc, variety type, export aspects, after develop and design has formed laundry basket, and pot sets, and picnic utensils basket, and hanging basket, and shade, and kennel, and cat Wo, and nest, variety, in foreign trade in the formed low-grade commodity into high-end of appreciation effect, is by foreign trade sector of attention.