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Willow Planter Reliable And Reliable Job Requirements Are High
Jun 13, 2017

Willow Planter operation is one of the important links of agricultural production, is the basis of agricultural production, the past, artificial Willow Planter is not only time-consuming and slow, and now with the development of agricultural mechanization, planter by the majority of farmers to promote. The Willow Planter machine can meet the requirements of agronomic environment, reduce the labor force, can reach the broadcast straight, the ground Qi, no replay Willow Planter, not damage the seeds, adjust the convenient and reliable job requirements. The use and maintenance of the planter is good, the quality of the machine and the life of the machine have a great impact, each player should be given enough attention.

At present, the number of small agricultural planter holdings and the number of small agricultural tractors almost flat, the annual spring Willow Planter is the largest period of sales of small agricultural planter accessories, sales from several years of view, the sales of accessories are mainly wearing parts and durable Pieces. The purchase of these accessories to the agricultural operators to increase the economic burden, if the farmer usually pay attention to the maintenance and proper use of agricultural machinery, is appropriate to extend the life of wearing parts, to avoid damage to durable parts. Here to talk about the use of agricultural small planter and maintenance should pay attention to matters.

1, first of all, from the early retirement of the wearing parts, the wearing parts as the name suggests, easy to wear and tear, at present, the wearing material is nothing more than nylon, cast iron, die-casting aluminum and steel, and these parts are mostly distributed in On the seeder. The seeder is part of the heart of the planter and the cost is also a relatively high part. Wear is nothing more than abrasive wear. Therefore, to prevent its premature retirement, the main should pay attention to the cleanliness of the seed, that is, the better the cleanliness of the seeds, the more difficult it is early to retire, extend the service life, save money, so the seeds before adding to the box, Should ensure that no sand, debris and larger dust.

2, secondly, durable parts such as racks, fertilizer boxes, the sports vice. The damage to the frame is the deformation of the rack, due to accidental bending or torsional deformation, or artificial on the machine to add too much seed bag or fertilizer bag overload caused. The use of the process should try to avoid man-made accidents, to avoid the emergence of overload on the machine. Dropping tank scrapped mainly because of the use of fertilizer when the humidity is too large, fertilizer is not smooth, external striking deformation and cracking, and some can not be used after cleaning and corrosion scrapped, so should be used after the timely cleaning dry, rust, rain Leaching The main movement should pay attention to the correct maintenance. Should pay attention to the use of pre-maintenance, maintenance in use, after cleaning, anti-corrosion several links.

3, the third, in use, the structure of the planter should be understood, only on this basis to maintain in place. To ensure the quality and quantity of operations, to extend the life of the planter to achieve higher economic efficiency.

Planer maintenance

1, thoroughly clean the dust on the Willow Planter machine, clean the seeds inside the seed box and fertilizers in the fertilizer box.

2, check the Willow Planter machine for damage and wear parts, if necessary, can be replaced or repair, if the paint stripping place should be re-painted.

3, the new planter in use, such as the use of disc-type opener, the opener should be removed, with diesel or gasoline to the outer cone, disc hub and linoleum, etc., coated with butter and then installed The If deformed, should be flattened. Such as disk gather point gap is too large, can be used to reduce the adjustment between the inner and outer cone adjustment of the way.

4, the soil working parts (such as opener, build the plot device, etc.) clean up, coated with butter or waste oil, so as not to rust.

5, planter should be stored in a dry, ventilated warehouse or shed, to avoid open storage. Storage should be rack support solid, opener, applicator application board pad, do not directly contact with the ground.

6, the Willow Planter machine on the rubber or plastic feeding tube, fertilizer pipes should be removed after the clean and then tied, into the box or shelves custody. Can be poured into the tube in the tube or into the hay, etc., to avoid extrusion, folding deformation.

7, the opener on the pressure spring should be relaxed, keep in a free state.

8, planter should be placed in the farm library or shed. If in the open storage, the wooden seed box must be covered, the two rounds of the planter should be padded. The rack should also be cushioned to prevent deformation. Spare parts, parts and tools should be kept.