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Willow Planter Must Have To Know How To Conservation
Jul 13, 2017

Planer standard operating procedures

For farmers friends, the Willow Planter is no longer a strange agricultural products, but to become their annual spring are necessary agricultural equipment, from the initial artificial cultivation to the present full mechanization operation, but for some special plots such as: Mountains, hills, or some small area of cultivated land can not use large equipment, so it is necessary to apply to the seeder, then you understand the standard use of the programmer it?

1, the new purchase of the Willow Planter, in accordance with the instructions assembly products (simple steps, no special cumbersome assembly process); if it is last year's product, be sure to check whether the parts of the problem.

2, after the completion of the assembly to pay attention to debugging, because the land of different regions, so the density is not the same. You can experiment at home, and then make a reasonable adjustment.

3, field operations, pilot about 10-30 meters, in accordance with the specific circumstances of debugging, if no problem to start planting work.

Note when planting:

Be sure to pay attention when planting, can not pull down, push and other operations, so as not to sowing the internal gear damage. Seeds, fertilizers to avoid loading over full, while the amount of fertilizer must not be less than one-fifth of the fertilizer box. Sowing must be uniform before the line, can not covet the speed of planting fast to run quickly and so on.

At the end of the planting, follow the assembly procedure of the first step to remove the sowing device, clean up the soil and so on. Do not store in the direct sunlight and rain can be poured to the place, not easy to use the next year.

How to make the seeder use more long

How can we let the sower use for a longer time, let's take a brief look.

Before using the sowing device: If you are using the product of the previous year, then you need to check the saddler gear transmission parts, and check whether the normal operation of parts, with lubricating oil for conservation is the best, there is a need Check the spring components corresponding to each component, if loose must be replaced in time.

When used: in accordance with the technical requirements of manufacturers to install, fertilizer box should not be loaded over full, do not vigorously when sowing.

After use: thoroughly clean the seed box, the sower placed in a ventilated and dry warehouse, if it is open storage, the sowing device to cover and other operations, in order to prevent damage to parts, you can carry out disassembly and storage.

So, if you want the sower to be used for a longer time, you have to know how to keep it in order to ensure that the seeder exerts its greatest effect to extend the life of the seeder.

The main type of Willow Planter

Willow Planter according to the planting method, can be divided into the following.

A seeder that distributes the seeds evenly on the planting plots. Commonly used models for the centrifugal spreader, attached to the back of the agricultural transport vehicles. It is made up of seed boxes and sowing wheels. The seeds are dropped from the seed box onto the sowing wheel, acting on the centrifugal force

Under the tangential direction of the broadcast, broadcast up to 8 to 12 meters. Can also be spread powder or granular fertilizer, lime and other materials. The sowing device can also be installed on agricultural aircraft.

Spinning machines with precise seeding, row spacing and depth. With the savings of seeds, eliminating the emergence of seedlings after the seedlings, so that each crop of nutrient area uniform and so on. Mostly for single grain sowing and precise control of the number of particles per acupoints. Generally in the various types of seeding machine on the basis of improved. Such as improving the shape and size of the holes in the nesting wheel counterweight so as to allow only one seed to be taken and to prevent cavities; to connect the seeder directly to the opener or to the opener to reduce the height , To control the seed drop speed, to avoid seed bounce; in the horizontal disc weighing device on the installation of vertical disc-type device to change the direction of investment and reduce the height of investment, to avoid seed displacement; Equipped with the same depth of the wheel, to ensure that the depth of planting stability. The multi-grain precision sowing machine is a kind of seed group which is set up between the seeder and the opener so that the seed of the seed is discharged into the exact number of seed groups in the hole forming mechanism and then sowed into the seed ditch. In addition, some new structures have been developed, such as the use of pre-seeded seeds at a certain spacing in advance, or the seed from a vertical rotary motion of the ring rubber or plastic seed into the hole and so on.