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Willow Panel Home Of The Sky Of A Sounds Of Nature
Jul 18, 2017

When the Willow Panel covered with a layer of light green coat Liu buds also drilled from the branches out of the time to send Liu flute!

A group of small partners to choose a suitable thickness of the Willow Panel, his left hand pinch Willow Panel, the right hand from the rough one began to twist, while the edge of the left hand to the fine one move, and soon, a long soft green " Tree "appears in the hands of .....

With a small knife cut for a long length of the tube, and then use a knife or a nail in the rough one scraping half of the nail long green skin, a small ring made.

With a mouth blowing, although a slightly monotonous but melodious sound came out ... ...

Liu Di's length and thickness are different, the sound is also different, fine sound sharp, thick voice is very hoarse, medium like midwinter or baritone; short, sound loud and clear, long, long voice ... ..

Sometimes, everyone on the game to see who's small sound and big and long ... ...

At this time, those little strength of the small partners on the upper hand, husky and heavy round of the whistle long and soon to come out, like the ancient battlefield of the horns, overwhelming, magnificent momentum in a long time to pass through in the air Rippling, to those children's Liu flute to pressure down, the gas of these little guy straighten his eyes, the strength of the big partners more memorable.

At that time, although the material conditions are extremely backward, we simply can not accept the slightest music education, but some small partners born smart, even can play a wonderful music to ...

Think now

At that time, if there is a special music teacher to do the instructions, hometown Willow Panel ah, rustling small ring, I do not know will be nourished how many outstanding musicians.

Of course, seemingly simple Liu flute small ring, not casually will be able to blow, but also master the skills, strength is not loud, the strength is not a small ring. In addition to master the strength of the size of the fit, but also to master the opening and closing of the lips. Lips are too tight or too sip too loose, are not blowing.

Another kind, "onion small ring". Will be chopped green onion into 2 - 5 cm long, in the rough one hand gently pinch pinch, you can play and Liu flute almost sound to. Unfortunately, the onion seedling is too soft, and can not blow long time, the eyes were onion spicy flavor to stimulate the open. So, play "onions small ring" little partner on the less.

Now feel that was born in the field, next to the ditch and treetop folk music - is really belong to the hometown of a natural sounds of nature.