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Willow Fence Not Easy To Break Good Decorations
Sep 30, 2017

Wicker baskets are the last century, the northern rural areas commonly used in the production of living tools, dry and rough use, and now the wicker baskets, obviously a lot of rough rough. Wicker baskets As the name suggests is the wicker of the basket, when the wicker easy to draw, smooth surface, good flexibility, easy to bend, we are recognized.

The wicker of the baskets is the thin wicker of the pier, and almost every one can be used for baskets. The thicker bits are smaller than the little ones, and the fine is almost the same as the spokes. Wicker baskets are generally divided into three kinds: one is the sorghum children, the basket itself is relatively large, but also deep, four beams children have one meter most of the top fixed together, are generally adults to use firewood, and sometimes pick some vegetables, Just can not pretend to be too full, too Shen also pick the move. One is wood beam, called soil basket, more durable, elm beam, adults pick soil picking dung or women up the mountain breaking rice pot potatoes picking vegetables. The third is called the basket, smaller, in fact, not small, but with a thin wicker, more refined, round, there are pig kidney type, baskets children directly with wicker , The surface is scissors with a more smooth pruning, women are generally used to pick beans persimmon when used, and sometimes also send meals, the door decorated with small gifts Han, function and now the bag almost.

In the summer, to pick the soil and mud, wiping the wall to wipe the house; fall to break the corn, Pa potatoes, picking soybeans; winter To pick up fecal snow ... ... in short, all year round wicker baskets, but the home of the big helper. Who is not a few wicker baskets, it is called a blind ah. Family farming species garden, are reluctant to borrow. Wicker dry very brittle, afraid to fall, loaded things too much, easy to fall, carefully people with thick wire in the bottom of the cross flower pocket, generally can be used for more than two years. People who pass through the days of the annual harvest before the evacuation to the wasteland or a large trench on the edge of a few bundles of willow sliver, coveted a few baskets, with their own convenience.