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Willow Fence Has A Breath Of Spring
May 24, 2017

Spring is coming, the wicker is green; the autumn comes, and the wicker is withered, and in this reincarnation of the season, the industrious man uses a pair of dexterous hands to describe a period of suffering,Willow Fence created with an unyielding spirit The colorful life, with a simple heart weaving a beautiful vision.

Spring is getting closer, the recovery of all the season is really beautiful, all kinds of flowers competing open, this time is also the most happy when the flowers friends. It is interesting to have flowers and trees, watering, cutting propagation and so on. Speaking of all the recovery of the season,Willow Fence the transition between winter and spring, is not the most stable when some flowers and green plants just change the basin,Willow Fence the first problem is to take root again germination.

Take root, this is not a difficult thing, but for the novice, it is necessary to buy rooting powder. Next, the pot of small stack to recommend you a thing, can replace the root powder! And this thing is too common!

Wicker is the plant "rooting powder"

Yes, it is wicker! Why wicker can replace rooting powder? Because the wicker is rich in raw roots. These raw roots are also very suitable for flower pots are used,Willow Fence think of such a natural chemical side of the prescription if it can really use it too perfect! Because wicker is too common. However,Willow Fence how to use it to do rooting powder or some skills.

Wicker is the plant "rooting powder"

Put these leached liquid, as "rooting powder" can be used. No matter what the flowers, green plants can be used. If you cut some plants, you can cut the branches down the roots,Willow Fence soak in the liquid for a day, and then transplanted into the soil. I believe that the root will be very fast. May you have a flower friend,Willow Fence can these liquids be used to water the flowers? of course can! If you raised the rich bamboo did not take root, to the water bottle to drop a few drops, to ensure that the rich bamboo quickly come to the root!