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Willow Fence Function A Lot
Aug 09, 2017

Willow Fence are usually sprouting in the spring, grow new foliage; this is for their own better tree leaves to make preparations, each of the branches of the Willow Fence may be different, as far as possible to pick some straight and long Smooth switchgrass.

If you want to do their own willow ball more beautiful, more fashionable, then you can pick when the switchgrass as much as possible to pick some germination of the willow, so not only follow-up willow and large will be mixed with willow leaves and Willow Fence on the hair ball, the overall look is more beautiful.

Pick the willow with a small hair ball as follows.

At the same time in the pick when the attention should be as far as possible straight and tough,Willow Fence as long as the foliage and hairy more, so out of the effect is better.

In preparation for the production of willow ball, from the other willow on the two small pieces of small sticks, these two sections are as much as possible one together to prevent the ball in the process of making the ball while the fingers can also be produced Liu Zhi ball when the one-time to do bit.

The following is directly produced in the tree, but also can be directly removed from the willow and then made into the willow ball, free to get the appropriate place to place can also be played to the different children play.

The specific operation can go to view the video,Willow Fence give the child more fun and naive fun.

First cut the band, the length of what you do according to the size of the basket to cut, each side of the six about 85cm long, the number of twelve,Willow Fence I am each side of the nine, each about 1.3 meters long

And then torn to the three sides of the tape, because the tape is very thick, so be careful, slowly, tearing very ugly. Be sure to tear evenly!

You can use the ruler to suppress, a knife like a cut! The length of the tear to a dozen meters torn on the pendulum began to cross the weaving, the middle of the hole to leave a centimeter look,Willow Fence followed by the torn to the three sides of the tape.

2 together with the series can be cross-compiled, will not coincide! Compiled almost four laps of the way we should be compiled up