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Willow Edging Natural Ecology And Performance
Jun 27, 2017

Willow Edging of this natural ecology and performance, but also to live in its embrace of herdsmen to bring a human landscape. In the 1970s, I met in the Ordos City Etuoke flag Suji brigade, found a Willow Edging building strange world. How many years later, everything else has been forgotten, only the Willow Edging world left me hard to devoid of the impression. Where the kang on the mat is Willow Edging, the room is covered with Willow Edging, walls, gate is Willow Edging, pen, chicken coop (then herdsmen also pig) is Willow Edging. In addition to these living utensils, production is also everywhere can not be separated from the Willow Edging: sheep lap is sandy lizards, haystack is sandy fence, grass fence of the wall is made of salad, the car's hoarding is Willow Edging wear The In addition, the masonry, dam, do fecal baskets, woven baskets, are also inseparable from the Willow Edging. Willow Edging is the production and life of an organic part, everywhere exudes a natural fragrance and cultural warmth. At that time not talk about Liubian culture, but in fact Liubian has been "in" all aspects of life. Here, I do not want to talk about more aspects of Liubian culture, just want to constitute the situation of the pastoralists, talk about my discovery and feelings. The residence is divided into two cases. One is Willow Edging as part of the building materials, such as the yurts of Hana, Uni. The other is the whole house is done with Willow Edging, I talk about the second is the case.

The use of Willow Edging performance weaving a variety of shacks, they are the ancestors of the yurts, but also the yurts partner.

Knitting with the Willow Edging is also a knowledge, there are many requirements and stress. Herdsmen because of long and Willow Edging deal, its performance has been well aware of what kind of Willow Edging for knitting the nest, what season the best Willow Edging cut. In general, it is best to sprout in the spring before the fall of frozen before the willow. Willow Edging spring germination after the start of growth, easy to get started peeling. Summer is developing, poor quality. Autumn is almost mature, skin and heart knot as one, the best quality. Winter Willow Edging on the frozen, crisp and easy to fold, people are cold to stretch hands, generally not good to do. Do not use any tools, two hands on the line. But the early need for a special sickle, known as the sickle sickle. Willow pilgrims longer than ordinary sickle, but the tip is very short, used to see the ordinary sickle people think it deformed. In fact, this is a natural choice, Willow Edging crowded and intensive, must be a single operation, the head wide and bad access, and easy to cut the other branches. Playing the branches of the willow knife knife is also small, knife handle short surprisingly. These two kinds of Liu knife, knife handle is not long is short, is entirely in order to adapt to the needs of Liubian production. Compiled to do the Willow Edging of the residence, have to fight fork, light to stay one, do not have the side of the leaves.