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Willow Edging A Continuation Of History
May 24, 2017

Willet side, is the Qing Dynasty to protect the northeast "Longxing land" to build a closed boundary, was built in the Huang Taiji period, before and after the share of more than 40 years, is the Qing Dynasty northeast of Shengjing, Ninggu tower (after Jilin) Inner Mongolia and other three administrative regions of the dividing line. Wicker side is not like the former generation of the Great Wall, there is no danger of the rugged project, there is no military significance, the edge of the door is only a collection of tax feudal checks. Since the Jiaqing dynasty, Willow Edging increasingly famous, after the emperor just to support the ancestors of the face was reluctant to maintain its existence. And to the end of the Qing Dynasty, with the Daqing Dynasty, the Willow Edging with a willow, a trench wall did not leave. The The

The border policy of the wicker circle has seriously hindered the in-depth development of the northeastern region, resulting in the emptiness of the frontier, thus providing a great opportunity for the later Koreans to enter the northeast and reclamation, and the Russian invasion of the Northeast. In a country, the Han Chinese actually can not freely access, obviously, this border policy is the national integration and national unity of the regression. In particular, Liaodong since the Warring States period Yan country from the Chinese territory, the end of the Ming Dynasty Liaodong area still living millions of Han Chinese, but later Liaodong Han or was the army after the army massacre, or forced to move off, the Han was prohibited from entering and leaving the Northeast The This brutal policy makes the northeastern area of the Han population is extremely scarce, leading to Russia after the drive straight, easy to move northeast of the Northeast, cut off the Vladivostok and other places one million square kilometers of thousands of miles. Until the period of the Republic of China, Zhang Zuolin and Zhang Xueliang father and son with a large number of Chinese people pulled into the northeast, only to avoid the northeast once again by the imperialist countries carved up bad luck. Think about the current Hong Kong and Macao permits, Taiwan pass, the same effect, can not help but laughing.

Wicker side from the construction to the abandoned process, reflects the Qing Dynasty rulers are narrow, selfish, paranoid, short-sighted thinking imprint. The initiator has just come out from the mountains, although the kingdom of the world, but the bones are also deeply slaves the slaves and tribal chiefs of the mark, the lack of inclusive of inclusive, less is far-sighted wisdom. This ban policy itself, at the beginning of its development has been destined for its failure, which in addition to civil stealing, officials and other factors such as dereliction of duty, even if the Emperor Qianlong himself had to national interests and national interests in the conflict continue to make compromises , And sometimes even had to ban. Willow Edging is the Qing Dynasty version of the "painting for the prison", the purpose is the circle and ban, of course, the result of the history of the trend is nothing to live, nothing to ban. It is the division of the tribe, leaving the broken scar. The The

Castle Peak can not cover, after all, east to go. A hundred years of China, the rise and fall of change, the geographical Willow Edging has disappeared, but the economic wicker side is built! Where is the new wicker side of this dynasty? On the northeastern Songhua River. The The Today, Cheng Wu on the combination of "Hu Huananyun line" and "wicker side" for you to talk about the Northeast economy and China's future.