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Jul 17, 2017

Morphological characteristics

Shrub, 1-3 meters high.The bark is grey and green.Branchlets light yellow or reddish, glabrous, glossy.Buds ovate, pointed, tan, glabrous.

 Leaves nearly opposite or opposite, sprouting branches sometimes 3 impeller, elliptical oblong, 2-5 cm long, 1-2 cm wide, apex abruptly short acuminate, base rounded or slightly concave, margin entire or upper have sharp teeth, young Ye Fa red-brown, above the leaf green, pale, below midrib brown, glabrous;Petiole short or near hilt with stem.

 Flower first leaves open, inflorescence 1-2 (2.5) cm, base have small leaves;Bracts obovate, brown to nearly black, pubis, glabrous;Glands 1, abdomen;Stamen 2, silk and wool;Ovary ovoid ovoid, pubertal, few stalks, short style, small stigma, 2-4 split.

Capsule 2-3 mm long, hairy.Flowering: may, June


 Growing environment

The sunless light is a positive tree species.Lack of light and poor growth.Born on a mountain river and wet grass.

Salix integra like water, rain waterlogging resistance, sandy loam and ditches in the upper and deep slope to grow best, so should choose silty loam, flood land and in water ditch slope of fertile place to grow.The water condition is good, the branch grows exuberant, can grow normally 20 ~ 30 years.Under the condition of barren and barren land, the growth of branches is small and small, and the life expectancy is shortened.Under the adverse conditions of 2 ~ 3 months of shallow water, normal growth can still be maintained.

The salinity tolerance was poor, and the soil salt content was more than 0.3 percent.



Shandong, hebei yanshan section, liaoning, jilin, heilongjiang three provinces of the east and southeast.The eastern Soviet union, north Korea and Japan were also distributed


Cultivation techniques

Planting method


Grain and slope planting.One is a grain intersperation, which is to be planted in the field at intervals of 20 to 30 meters (i.e. with spacing), and the willows are planted in the garden, and each hole is cut by 3 to 4 roots.Secondly, the slope planting, mainly in the rivers and ditches, near the water on the quay side slope planting, soil deep fertile, these places suitable for growth of salix integra, blade can be up to 2.5 ~ 3 meters of above commonly, a pier article from 5 ~ 10 kg.


In spring or rainy season, it is advisable to have a single year with a 1 cm thick stalk. The buds should be full, and the stripes should be strong and free from pests and diseases.Before cutting blade cut into 20 ~ 25 cm long segment, cut the mouth can't split, fluently cut cost, cut down into the horse ear shape, cut the mouth first YaZi cut from mouth not too close, and cutting and improve survival rate.The wet season is planted, choose ligneous good cop, the leaf on the branch to go to, take care not to harm the bud, then press request to cut the branch cut into paragraph, cut with the cuttings with the cuttings.When cutting, the first bud should be exposed to the ground, and then after the insertion, the soil will be sure.The gas is suitable, and generally 3 ~ 5 days can germinate.In case of heavy rain, timely drainage, in case of bad, the impact of life.


The interpolation method is simple and easy, and the survival rate is high.Quick effect.The planting season is divided into spring and rainy season.Spring planting, to winter to hide the bars, the spring thaw after the cuttings planting, the rainy season cuttings planting, the rainy season with the fresh strips of planting.Mainly in the middle of July to early August, it should be cloudy after the heavy rain, and choose the wood of the wood to be planted.The disadvantage is that the strip utilization is low and the cost is higher.But the soil and air humidity in the rainy season is big, easy to live, if managed well, the survival rate can reach more than 80 %.[7]