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Colored Willow Surround Shelter The Rain, Create Shade, Beautify The Environment
Oct 18, 2017

Willow is a very common tree species. It is not as lush as pine trees, nor cathaya so elegant, no matter in the hills, shoals, ravines, or in the river, parks and towns and villages,Colored Willow Surround whether people do not care about it, it has its own way, do not show the silent growth silently.

Willow is the Herald of Spring. Early spring, when the snow has not yet been exhausted, other trees are still asleep, it began to sprout, a drizzle just past,Colored Willow Surround that thin and long branches on a new green, and then grow a lot of buds on the branches, a few days of continuous spring and warm yang bathing, willow blossom, a tree willow put a wipe yellow, hanging in mid-air, Occupies half of the entire spring. It blossoms side Tou son, the caterpillar like Willow Green in the yellow, with the willow branches with the wind sway, sway, tempted the past people.

Willow Flowers Fall, the sky flying Catkins, like fluttering snow as pure, lightsome, beautiful. The trailer carries the seed, where, as long as the time is ripe, will be rooted in the germination.

Willow is a kind of tree that first blooms and leaves. It is in the Cheiva at the same time, Bud also slowly spread out, that curved leaves, green, like a green brush,Colored Willow Surround depicting the beauty of the spring. $number Willow Willows with the wind drift, kissing the earth, reflected in the water, constitute a gorgeous landscape painting. When you stroll in the lake side of the forest path, standing on the shore looking down at the water weeping willows and their own figure, as if exposure to the muons wonderland, it is refreshing, intoxicated with infinite reverie.

To the strict hot summer, a tree willow deep, like a giant umbrella, not only for people to shelter the rain, dust blocking sand, but also for people to provide a good place for shade.

Although the willow tree is not as towering as ginkgo trees, there is no maple color, but its unadorned character and selfless dedication of the spirit, is always worthy of praise.

Autumn comes, a cool frost to sweep the other leaves in the ground, only Willow is still green onion cage, the last of its cytology green dedicated to the Earth.

After the leaves, it still maintains a charming posture, a section of beautiful arc-run branches and trunk sketched into a lifelike handicraft, not show vulgar, anti-prominent nobility.

I love willow, not only love it graceful elegant graceful charm, love its charming and touching tenderness, love its unadorned style, I love it selfless devotion spirit. People put it in where it is home,Colored Willow Surround to other species can not match the speed of rapid growth, it is wind-resistant sand, shelter rain, create shade, landscaping environment. It dedicated the tree trunk to the people to make the wood, the branch to the people to weave baskets, even leaves and roots can be provided to people to do medicinal herbs.

Willow has more than 10 of varieties, in our here roughly divided into Mountain willow (also known as Liu Maozi), Heliu, willow, dry willow and Rhynchophylla and so on. The earliest flowering is the mountain willow, the snow and ice just melted, it began to Da Yu, the general year April mid-April flowering, immediately thereafter is Heliu, willow, dry willow and rhynchophylla successively flowering, has been open until early May, the flowering period of nearly one months.

Willow is one of the earliest flowering of the broad-leaved species of a nectar plant, it has both powder and honey, the spring breeding new abounded to a pivotal role,Colored Willow Surround is the key to the growth of the colony in a year. Whenever the Willow blossoms, the bees flock to the trees to be busy, bringing a swarm of pollen and a bag of nectar back to the nest, tending the eggs and the larvae. The Queen Bee also appears particularly excited, with a significant increase in spawning capacity. In the blooming season of willow trees, the swarm completes the old and lays a good foundation for the collection of bee products throughout the year.

The Willow blossoms and spring comes. May we sow hope and harvest sweet in the spring of Changengliul.