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Classification of the fence
Dec 27, 2016

Types of materials produced by the fence can be divided into the following categories:

1, plant hedges: Hedgerow, baeckea fence, black Awn Pak Mong, fence, fence, Liu Liba, seaweed, bamboo, reeds, straw fence fence fence fence.

2, wood fence: human have a natural affinity for wood, wood is easy to handle, durable, fence made from wood from ancient continuation of traditional practices into the industrial era, wooden fence with wood preservative to prevent wood decay occurs in the outdoor.

3, metal fences: a retro style, common for a sharp corner, showing the Royal charm, fresh and elegant.

4, plastic fence: differs with the fence in the traditional sense, usually used in gardens and public spaces. Combines the elegant, stylish elegance, durable character (more common).