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Willow's history
Dec 27, 2016

Willow of origin can dates back to old stone times early, original people in engaged in collection crop of process in the making various container and packaging real, used has toughness of plant, with preliminary master of prepared method, making out different type of willow products, from slave society to warring States period, willow on has in people life in the General using, after all dynasty became people daily in the not missing of life apparatus one of.

In Neolithic on appeared with Wicker woven of basket, and basket; spring warring States period, with Wicker into Cup, and disc,, outside coated to paint, called Cup Quan; Tang, Cangzhou (this Hebei Cangzhou and Shandong Ning North of area) Liu Xiang has is famous; song, people take Qi Liu of strips, "fire forced makes soft song, for box trunk"; thereafter, Willow process constantly development.

Traditional wicker trunks, shallow basket, dustpans, etc, since 1960, Willow crafts began to export in China, has made great progress.