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The trip to the Canton fair
Nov 02, 2017

China import and export commodities fair, the Guangzhou trade fair, or Canton fair. Founded in the spring of 1957, held in Guangzhou during the spring and autumn every year.Canton fair held address: 382 Guangzhou ZhuHai read the river on the road. Holding time: spring is on May 5, April 15 solstice; Autumn is October 15 to November 4. Each period lasted 20 days.From the start to 2017 for 60 years history, is currently the longest history, highest level, China's largest, most complete items, most merchants, clinch a deal the effect of the best comprehensive international trade event


GOLDEN HARVEST INDUSTRIAL&TRADE CO.,Ltd is a professional manufacture willow shade, willow fence, the willow leaves simulation flowers fence fence, willow panel, willow trellis, wicker, willow, willow branches and leaves the company obelisk and extensible framework.


This is we take part in the eighth of Canton fair, during which the effect is very good and harvest. Most of our customers are from Europe, and these foreign friends to show the great interest in our products, the site also has a lot of signing a contract. Next, we will also take part in all kinds of exhibition, looking forward to have more interested in the new and old customers to the exhibition.






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