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The heritage significance of willow
Dec 27, 2016

1. Willow as a purposeful and practical skills and aesthetic creativity, its characteristic is as skilled, specialized skills, to master and use of raw materials and the development of tools such as willow, is a means of awareness and use of nature.

2. the craft of Wicker people. Willow art was produced during the long-term practice of labour and development, each piece of Arts and crafts during the creative process, is formed on the basis of common labor.

3. Willow products raw materials widely, making full use of toughness characteristics of the plant, pay attention to the color, texture, the pursuit of natural, embodies the simplicity of working people, honest and sincere character.

4. compared with the traditional arts in General, modeling concepts of subjectivity Willow become more prominent, are civil practical technique and the combination of folk arts and crafts, but also organic combination of practicality and aesthetic.