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Straw bags how to care
Dec 27, 2016

1. straw bags for materials and hand-made processes, so unable to load too much, to not more than 1 kg is appropriate and, if necessary, you can load with thread or fishing line self-reinforcement, to good effect.

2. the straw bags should avoid prolonged sun exposure, exposure to strong sunlight can cause fiber pigment oxidation, fading, becoming brittle. Not for a long time, please pay attention to moisture, worms, preferably in a sealed plastic bag in black save, out again next year, you'll find that bright as new.

3. straw bags are dirty you can use a vacuum cleaner or soft brush, remove dust from the grass gap lined with dirty handy girls can be removed to clean, then fishing line sewn on. Straw used long, deep cleaning can be washed, not soaked, rinse the best finished in a short time, and timely and completely dry.

4. color straw bags without dye, so it won't fade problem, color straw bags are high temperature steam dyeing, in case of water or friction at a fixed place for a long time, please note that color, don't have to worry about fading problem of normal use.